Email mfa in classical login experience

Need to perform MFA via EMAIL in classical login experience. Cant switch to new login experience!!! . I know its challenging, help is very appreciated. Looking for a creative workaround.

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Hey there @spoudel!

It’s technically unsupported :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I will see if I can dig up any potential ideas for workarounds, but I can’t promise anything. I’d be curious to hear from someone in the community who’s successfully implemented something like this :thinking:


Hi there just following up on this!

Out of curiosity, why exactly can’t you switch to new UL? After digging into this a bit, it seems it might be possible to invoke classic UL, and then require MFA to redirect to new UL via a rule/action. Perhaps this is worth exploring?

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In the same boat - wondering if anyone else had any other workarounds. Even making manual calls or redirects if required?

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