Electron v17 with Auth0


I’m trying to integrate Auth0 into my Electron app with latest version of Electron (v.17).
Using Electron v. 9 I successfully followed the article Securing Electron Applications with OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 which was last updated on 2020-06-16.
What also helped was the example electron-openid-oauth github repo.

With the above, I could successfully run the examples with electron@9.0.0.
Then with the changing the order of 2 lines in auth-process.js

    await authService.logout();

I was able to run the example sucessfully with electron@11.5.0.

However, I didn’t manage to upgrade to later versions of electron.
Electron 12 introduces some breaking changes like:

  • Deprecated remote module
  • Deprecated nodeIntegration flag

and I’m not sure what changes should I make in the example electron-openid-oauth repo to make it work.

Could you please share your insights or possible update the blog post or the example repo to work with latest Electron version?

Many thanks