Dynamics 365 Single Signon + Web Api

I have been struggling a lot with configuring a Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-premise installation to function properly.
I followed the tutorial under “SSO Integrations” and I am able to successfully authenticate using Auth0 when I open the site with my web browser.
My issue is when I try to use the “Rest Web Api” using a token. I created a new application of type “Regular Web Application” and tested using both postman and Google OAuth2 Playground where I try to open the base url https://crm.domain.tld/ORGANISATION/api/data/v8.2/

Have anyone successfully gotten the Web api up and running based on the tokens issued from Auth0 and is there anything I need to be aware of aside from the available 5 step guide under “SSO Integrations”.

Thank you

I can see I could describe my issue better.

When I open the api url using either the OAuth2 Playground or Postman, I get response with a redirect url to authenticate which I interpret as the token was ejected. The url I get redirected to is just the login form with Auth0.

When I try to open the url using my web browser, it works correctly, but as this is cookie based authentication, it doesn’t fit my issue.

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