Does the Auth0 Managment SDK for node allow for advanced search

Does the node SDK allow for searching like that which is available via the REST API?

The node method I’m referring to is “getUsers”

I would like to search via app_metadata


Hi @ryantomaselli,

It specifies search engine, so I would assume yes, but the docs seems to be lacking any info about it. I’m going to dig in on this and I will see what I can find.


Thanks @dan.woda!

I hope you don’t mind my tacking on a related question…

If I’m calling the!/Users/get_users end point to get a list of users, what is the best way to also return the roles for these users? Will I need to query the roles for each user returned in separate calls?

You have two options here:

Get the roles by user -!/Users/get_user_roles

Get the users by role -!/Roles/get_role_user

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