Does Okta support Partial login and Extended Partial Login out of the box?

Hi there Okta noob here! At the e-commerce company I work for we are attempting to build a partial login feature where essentially when a user initially signs in for a short period of time they will have a full access token (so being able to access any gated page/PII-related data within their account). After a short period of time (let’s say 2 hours) they will lose their full privilege but should be converted to what we would consider a “partially logged-in” state. So they should be able to complete actions such as adding an item to a wishlist but when trying to access PII-related data/a gated page we would want them to sign back in again to get their full auth access again. Is this a feature that Okta supports out of the box with the Okta widget and Okta auth SDK? Or would we need to build this custom but in a way that works with Okta?

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Thank you for posting your question. It seems your inquiry is specifically about Okta’s capabilities and features rather than Auth0 (separate products). To get the most accurate and detailed response, I recommend posting your question on the Okta Developer Forum. The Okta Developer Forum is a dedicated space to connect with Okta experts and the community.


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