Any way to login to third party websites?

We’re thinking of migrating from Okta. They have a way to add any third party website to the available applications for a user. You provide the link to the login form, then the CSS tag for the username, password, and submit buttons. The user provides their information once, and from then on Okta auto-logs them into the site when they click the link from their dashboard.

Is there anything equivalent to this flow in Auth0?

To my knowledge at this time there is no support for such process where the actual credentials of the end-user would be stored in the service and then automatically sent to the third-party website. Currently, you can integrate third-party websites that talk one of the authentication protocols supported by the service such as OIDC/OAuth2, SAML or WS-Federation. I did a quick search for any additional information on this subject and could not found any, nonetheless, you may want to reach to sales if you’re interested in having a discussion around future support for that or equivalent functionality.