Documnetation/tutorial for Securing a .Net 6.0 Minimal API from a Blazor Wasm client

New documnetation with walk-through of how to secure a minimal api (.Net 6.0) called from a blazor wasm client

This documentation: How to Secure Blazor WASM Applications with Auth0 is excellent, but assumes that the blazor wasm project was created using the hosted server template. If you instead created a stand-alone blazor wasm project and a separate .Net 6.0 Minmial API then there is no clear guidnace on how to do this.

Line of business applications that don’t want all the ceremony of the controller type api. Blazor wasm with a minimal api could be a very quick way to stand up line of business applications. There is potentially a wall of existing c# developers moving into Blazor and the combination of Auth0, Blazor Wasm, and a minimal api seems to me the clearest route for rapid application development. Add to that the fact that microsoft Azure B2C documnetation is terrible and you could encourage developers that might default to Azure B2C to jump into Auth0.

Thanks for this request!

The article is really great, but for me the same: need also a how-to for a stand alone WASM. Is there a chance to get a corresponding article or link?