Documents missing for authentication endpoint

I have been exploring rate limits for the endpoints and this page lists a lot of authentication endpoints. Documentation for some of the endpoints are listed here but i can not find documentation for all of them. is there any place where we can find complete documentation for all available endpoints

Hi there @rajivk sorry for the delayed response!

All endpoints that are fully documented can be found here - Glancing through the list of endpoints in the rate limit documentation, there are definitely a number of legacy as well edge case endpoints that shouldn’t be of much concern.

Hope this helps to clarify!

Hi @tyf

Many of these endpoints are being used in the default implementation of new universal login in Auth0. I could not find authentication API in default implementation(login/MFA) provided in Auth0. There are some use cases where we feel, we could use endpoints like mfa-sms-challenge, api/send-sms, /api/verify-otp, but could not find documents.

Scenarios like MFA configuration change from TOTP to SMS requires mfa_token(for authentication API), which in turn requires username and password. We can not ask logged in users to provide username and password again rather existing MFA challenge makes sense.

Could we have documents around legacy(with deprecation warning) and edge cases API’s to solve edge cases?

Thanks for following up!

I just came across your other post and yes all of those endpoints are used in the New UL flow. However, they aren’t documented because they are used internally and not intended for director customer interaction.

If there are other specific endpoints you’d like me to look into please do let me know :slight_smile:

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What do you mean by internally?
We can inspect and know parameters and make request through postman.

If there are other specific endpoints you’d like me to look into please do let me know :slight_smile:

To know which other endpoints could be of our use, we need docs. How could we know which of the endpoints will be useful without knowing what they do? :slight_smile:

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