Alternative to /passwordless/verify endpoint?

Hi there,

I am trying to use Auth0 to send verification codes via email and/or SMS to verify users email/phone numbers.

My first thought was to use the /passwordless/start and /passwordless/verify endpoints, but it seems that second endpoint is no longer supported?

I did find a “solution” – changing the default_directory – on this thread but I don’t love that because I want to be able to do email AND phone.

Would this be a better use case for step-up authentication using MFA? If so, is that doable via the API? All I’ve seen has been around using Rules to direct users to MFA when they request certain resources, but I would like to do this programatically from the client.

Thank you in advance for any advice/pointers!

Hi @madeline,

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We are currently working on re-deploying a passwordless API. Follow the progress here:


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