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Documentation of “@@“ variables?

In custom login scripts there is a variable “@@config@@“ available. In SAML IDP connections there are “@@IssueInstant@@” and "@@ProtocolBinding@@“ variables.

Are these documented anywhere?

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Hi @MichaelLeeSquires,

Variables can be placed into the AuthnRequest using the @@VariableName@@ syntax. Only variables that whos value resolve to be a string or integer will be transformed from the placeholder syntax.

  • ID - Transaction id
  • IssueInstant - Transaction Date Time stamp
  • Issuer - SAML Service Provider (Connection Name) in urn format
  • ProtocolBinding - Binding Type
  • AssertServiceURLAndDestination - Destination where the assertion will be consumed
  • AuthnContext - Have not determined where this is suppose to resolve from
  • ProviderName - Application that initiated the request
  • Options. - Using dot notation on the Options key provides access to any of the Connection’s options values (as returned from the /api/v2/connections endpoint.

The @@config@@ construct is a placeholder that will be replaced by the runtime. See: Configuring @@config@@ for hosted login page

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