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Django - map auth0 user onto existing users in sqlite database

I’m trying to integrate auth0 with my existing django app and sqlite database. Login is working, the problem is I can’t get the usernames inputted by auth0 through request to map on to the user models already present in my db.

I have hardcoded my auth0 backend to return the user details {'username':'eq3', 'user_id':21

However when I go to and put a print(request.user.username) and print( it prints eq306fa23456g204e8c and 51 . When I go into my database, I see that it has indeed created a new user in the auth_user table, even though there’s already a user with eq3 and user id 21 in the same table. Furthermore, if I input a random username such as foobar , it will still create a new user, but it won’t add the nonsensical alphanumeric string to the username, just foobar . What is going on here? How can I get django to recognize that the username eq3 is already in the database and thus use that as the user from which to retrieve data for the app??

Hey @ludovico!

I’m not sure how it works with Python and Django but as far as your issue description goes you need to write a verification script that will check whether the user trying to login is already in your users databse or not.