Displaying Multi-language dropdown selection in Universal Login Screen

Is there any way/possibilities to configure and display a Multi-language dropdown in Login screen where user can select and choose other languages?

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From my understanding, you would like to add an optional metadata argument for a user with a language code, for example, that you can later fetch from the token.

Unfortunately, there’s no “easy way” to implement a dropdown apart from implementing your own signup and login screen (you will need to host it yourself). I would suggest trying a lock configuration with select custom fields that would take the role of the mentioned dropdown. After signup, the information will be stored in the user metadata profile.

      var lock = new Auth0Lock(config.clientID, config.auth0Domain, {
         additionalSignUpFields: [{
         type: "select",
         name: "language",
         placeholder: "Choose your language",
           options: [
              {value: "en", label: "English"},
              {value: "fr", label: "French"},
              {value: "es", label: "Spanish"}

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