Display custom lock error session inactivity

Problem statement

We’re trying to figure out how to show a “You were logged out due to inactivity” message on the Universal Login Page. I could go the full custom route to do this with logout params and ext- query params, but if I can avoid it I’d like to.

I was looking at the New Universal Login customization docs, and while it didn’t look promising, I did see the custom-script-error-code param which seemed potentially useful, but I can’t find a single reference to it anywhere else in your documentation. What are the circumstances under which that message will show? Additionally, can you please elaborate on the conditions for each of the other messages?


The “custom-script-error-code” key that is documented in the Auth0 Universal Login Customise Text Prompts documentation (Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts) pertains to errors that are raised from a custom database script during the authentication flow.

See Custom Database Action Script Templates.

This translation is intended as a generic catch for errors that can arise from this extensibility code that can be configured by our customers.

Unfortunately, there is no specific text prompt available in the Universal Login prompts that can act as a translation for users that have an inactive session, and you will need to use custom query parameters when re-initiating the authentication flow from your application to display the appropriate messaging.

See Customize New Universal Login Pages.

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