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Disable Social Signup..except for Linking existing account

I installed the Account Link extension which enables to link existing Database accounts to Social or Enterprise accounts. This works very well. I have disabled Sign up for database accounts so I can manually Create Users only from dashboard, then I can attempt to login with an existing Social Login (in this case only Google) or a configured Enterprise login ( Microsoft Azure AD) and right away is asked to link them.

The problem is when I try to Login with Social Login (Google) is created a user in Auth0 dashboard that allows it to get in, since there’s no registered user also there is no link account screen. I don’t want that, no google login should be allowed if there is no existing Database account related first.

I thought that a ‘Disable Social Sign ups’ rule was the choice, but after enabling it I’m not able to link it with a existing email! It’s denying any attempt to Login with Google, registered or not.

How can I set a rule to allow registered Database users to link their accounts to google seamlessly ?