Disable sending out invitation email upon user creation

When I create a new user in Auth0 (via the UI) a verification email is sent to the user. Is there a way to disable sending of this verification email ?

The verification email is sent to the user as soon as the user account is created. I want to control when the invitation email is sent to the user. After user creation I want to make some validations (not in Auth0), and based on those validations I will send the invitation email.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @sateesh,

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To disable the email verification email, you will need to go to your Auth0 Dashboard > Branding > Email Templates and select the Verification Email (using Link) and disable the Status toggle to turn off the template. See below.

Then to manually send the verification email to the user, you may find the Management API v2 Create an email verification ticket helpful.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

Thank you.

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