Disable insecure tenant defaults

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Disable these insecure tenant defaults:

  • Default Username-Password-Authentication database’s configuration that allows sign-ups.
  • Default Social Connection Google/Gmail that allows any gmail user to log into all tenant applications (new applications are automatically connected as well)

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The two tenant defaults listed above are insecure as they allow automatic access by default and must be manually deactivated before a tenant can be safely used. These defaults may be helpful for a test or POC Auth0 tenant but are a security hazard for anything more.

Perhaps the ability to quickly enable those settings for a test or POC Auth0 tenant would be good for many Auth0 customers but this is a dangerous default to apply to all tenants.

I configure Auth0 tenants via Terraform for consistency and convenience. I am currently unable to handle these insecure defaults via Terraform and need to manually go in and correct these insecure defaults. I have this step written in a playbook to avoid forgetting but this is an unfortunate “sharp corner” that can result in a major security incident if done wrong. To be clear, I do not think that allowing Terraform to easily deactivate these defaults is the best scenario. Insecure settings should be an opt-in, not an opt-out. I believe this is especially true for any software that sits in the “Security” space.

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This change would prevent us from inadvertently exposing data to essentially unauthorized individuals.

Hi @paul14,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Thanks for the thorough feedback request.

Thanks @dan.woda, what are your thoughts on the subject? Can you advise on what the steps to realize these changes would be?

Feedback from the Community generally needs some critical mass (in the form of Votes, comments, etc.) for it to reach one of our product managers. If you have an enterprise account, I would also suggest providing the feedback to your account manager.

As far as my thoughts, I think it makes sense what you’re describing and is certainly valid feedback.

I too think there are terrible defaults, and manage my tenants with terraform. I really want my default tenants empty, not configured with resource that I have to terraform import or delete.


I agree on that. I also had to delete these default connections in the past manually. As @paul14 described: opt-in would be the better solution that opt-out :+1:

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Thanks for the additional feedback all.