Direct URL to hosted signup page

What’s the recommended way to go directly to a hosted signup page?

I’m trying to achieve what Atlassian does with their signup page. Going to is possible and brings up their signup page. I’m assuming they’re using Universal Login and letting Auth0 host the page.

My current Universal Login page is a React app with a /login and /signup route. When viewing the login page normally (i.e. after redirecting from a call to authorize), I’m able to route to the signup page within the app. However, when trying to go directly to the signup page, I see a Cannot GET /signup error. From what I understand, this makes sense because the app is at / and not at /signup. However, it seems like there’s some way to accomplish this since Atlassian did it. It also seems like a common request for those that want to include signup in their hosted page.

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Is this something that can be done?

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