Device Code Auth with Enterprise Connection

I’m attempting to follow this document (Call Your API Using the Device Authorization Flow) to get a native application configured in such a way that I can get an access token for a CLI that I’m trying to build. I would like to use our enterprise OIDC connection to authenticate the user but I’m unable to get it working. When I attempt to enable only the enterprise OIDC connection and click the link with the 8 character code I get this error: “no connections enabled for the client”

Is there anything I can do to get this to work? Are enterprise connections supported for Device Code authorization?

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To provide some additional context:
Application Settings:

  • Application Type: Native
  • OIDC Conformant: enabled
  • Grant Types
    ** Device Code is enabled.
  • Connections
    ** Only the Enterprise OpenID Connect I want to use is selected
  • Organizations
    ** Individuals is selected (other options are disabled)