Deploying to production and callback URL not working

I have an Angular app, that I have been testing on localhost:4200. Now that I am ready to go to production, I changed my callback URL in the auth0-variable.ts file and the redirect URI in the auth.service.ts file and I can no longer log in.

Within Auth0 dashboard, under Client Settings > Allowed Callback URLs. I placed by the https and the http of my production URL and nothing is working. In the console this is the message I get:

![alt text][1]

Is there something else I should be updating? I started the project using the template Auth0 Angular 2 seed project.

You’re using Angular path-based routing (your callback is /callback as shown in the screenshot) which means that the server you use to host your application needs to support this mode.

In your case, completing authentication means that the user-agent performs a direct navigation to the URL htttps:// and your server is returning a 404 because it has nothing mapped to the /callback path. You should either configure the server correctly or use hash-based routing. See the following for a similar situation: