Deny unverified emails in Pre User Registration action

Hey there!

We’re looking at migrating our hooks and rules to actions

We currently have a Pre User Registration hook that denies registration if the user.email_verified property is missing or is false.

This is to ensure that only invited users can register, as when a user accepts their invitation via email the email_verified property is true.

When trying to add the equivalent behaviour using a Pre Registration Action, I noticed that the email_verified property is missing from the event.user object in the Pre User Registration Flow

From looking at all of the other action triggers, they have the email_verified property available on the event.user object:

We were wondering if there were plans to add the event.user.email_verified property to the Pre Registration Action Flow?

Or if this is intentional, what the recommended approach would be to achieve the same behaviour as our “deny registration if email is not verified” pre-registration hook?

Cheers, Mack


Hi @mackk,

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It doesn’t look like pre-reg actions currently support email_verified. I reached out to the team on this and will get back to you as soon as they respond.

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