Delete both of my accounts please


Please delete “” and “” accounts.

About a year ago I had signed up with Google account “aleksandr.sudin@shoop”, but my company was acquired and I don’t have access to the email. My new email is “aleksandr.sudin@joingsg”. I receive emails from you, that you send to “aleksandr.sudin@shoop”, because they are redirected to my new email “aleksandr.sudin@joingsg”.

I can’t log in with Google account “aleksandr.sudin@shoop”, because it doesn’t exist anymore. I tried to reset password for “aleksandr.sudin@shoop”, but I don’t receive an email.
I’ve created this account with Google “aleksandr.sudin@joingsg” only in order to write this ticket.


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Hi @aleksandr.sudin,

Please follow the instructions in this FAQ: How can I delete my Auth0 / Auth0 Community Forum account?

Thank you!

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