/delegation route returning 504 Gateway Time-out

Hi there. We are getting a 504 Gateway timeout when trying to call the /delegation route. Not finding any info on this issue. Please help.

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I’m getting a 400 error on /delegation that was working 12 hours ago: the error is

    "error": "invalid_request",
    "error_description": "Missing principal parameter"

It’s as if my Rule isn’t working, but again, it was working 12 hours ago, per the logs. I’ve also switched to a dead-simple version based on the tutorial, and debugged it; it appears to be working fine.

Maybe something is wrong with delegation?

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We are getting the principal parameter error too. And this error:

{"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"Missing grant_type parameter"}

We are using the Legacy Delegation Endpoint.

Yes, a lot of our users are being logged out at the moment :frowning: Seems like it started around 8-9PM 24th of Mars.

Edit. It seems to have been solved now. Looks much better in the logs

Hey there!

Indeed we had problems with that but the issue is resolved now.


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