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Delegated Admin dashboard error : "secret or public key must be provided"



We are testing out the delegated administration dashboard extension and after following the steps in setup I’m getting
"Oh snap! You got an error!
An error occurred while retrieving list of users: secret or public key must be provided"

I double checked the settings for the extension and everything is filled in. Any help would be much appreciated.


Have you configured any hooks within the extension?


No I have not, I just went through the basic setup and tried to get a list of users.


Where you able to figure out why this happened? I am experiencing the same thing.


Never mind. If you experience this error it is most likely because you missed a step in the instructions, specifically changing the JWT Signature Algorithm. At least that was my issue.


I had the same error message - ionic 2 - api code complained - secret or public key must be provided I found that the issue was- the bearer token was sent with doublequotes Bearer “dssnjdskiei…” my original code that was causing this was ‘Authorization’, ‘Bearer ’ + window.localStorage’access_token’] had to change the above line to 'Bearer ‘+ JSON.parse(window.localStorage’access_token’]) JSON.parse removed the double quotes and it worked