Delay in updating user data / Differences between tenants

When updating a user through the Management API there seems to be a delay in the data being updated. We update (PATCH) the user and once we have our success response we then straight after request a new search/list of the users but the new list of users still has the old data for that user we just updated. It’s not until about 3-4 seconds after the update that a new search/list contains the updated data for that user. We understand that there should be some delay for the transaction of the update to be carried out but we wouldn’t expect it to be so long.

Secondly, Are there any differences between tenants? This delay is only happening on one our tenants. The other three tenants are all ok and actually give us the updated user data in a search/list users when we query it immediately after we update the user. I can’t see how it being a different tenant would be the reason but it is the only difference in our case between the cases when it works immediately and when theres a delay. Further to that we have another behaviour/bug (Asked in the question here) that is only happening in one of our tenants too and not the others… notably the same tenant in which we are having this issue with.

We also have this issue with users not showing up in listings. If you find a resolution we would be really interested too!

Same here…