Defining non https url on "allowed callbacks"

I am using mobile app to open the /authorise universal login page.
My callback URL is my mobile app scheme: “kbp://”
this kind of URL is not allowed on the “allowed callback list”.
What can I do?

Hey @guy1812,

Are you just trying to enter “kbp://” in the list without anything else?

If so, this won’t work as you’re just trying to add the scheme rather than the full callback url - you would need to enter “kbp://CALLBACK_URL” where CALLBACK_URL is the callback url for your app.

But my redirect url on localhost is “exp://” (Expo client),
On production (app store mobile app) its kbp:// (without additional URL)…
I tried adding “kbp://CALLBACK_URL” to the allowed list but it didn’t help:

alternatively - is it possible to implement login without the universal login but still based on cookies?

Trying again to maybe find answer to my questions here

hey @guy1812, I think I figured it out. It was really tricky reading the documentation, but I did just get it to work without the popup on a sideloaded APK for Android. I still need to push OTA to test iOS but here’s what I did…

If your app.json contains the scheme “myapp” and bundle for the apps are “com.myname.myapp” then the URLs I entered in Auth0 were the following:


Then in Auth0 Callback URLs I added those.

Now for running in Expo, I still use the proxy and AuthSession.makeRedirectUri (for ease of developer use) and receive the popup. But if I’m deploying to a remote channel such as production, I set the proxy to false and force the redirectUri to be one of the above URLs based on platform. I’m not sure if that platform specific URL is exactly necessary, but at first test it worked.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need more details.


Actually it seems to just change the pop up from “” to “” is requesting access to data etc.

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community @fcalise!

@fcalise thank you for that info. I will try this.
So now you do not see that redirection page? The popup is less of an issue (for me).

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