Dashboard SSO for Self-Service Plans

Last Updated: Jul 9, 2024


This article clarifies whether it is possible for a non-Enterprise plan to have Dashboard SSO configured for the account.

This might be desired when testing the SSO before the Enterprise plan is acquired, but if a subscription plan other than the Enterprise plan is active, it should not be created as it could cause issues when SSO enforcement is enabled.

Applies To

Not working with:

  • Self-Service plans
  • Startup Plan
  • Free plan
  • Trial plan

Works only with:

  • Enterprise plan


If an account without an Enterprise subscription plan requires a Dashboard SSO, this will not be allowed, as it is only for the Enterprise plan.


The conditions must be fulfilled before the start of the Dashboard SSO configuration:

  • Subscribe to an Enterprise plan. For more information, read Manage Subscriptions.
  • Determine whether a Public Cloud or Private Cloud is used. For Private Cloud-related prerequisites to these instructions, see Deploy Private Cloud.

As explained in the documentation, the Dashboard SSO is not included in the (Self-Service, Startup, Free, Trial) plans and is only for the Enterprise plan.

To take advantage of this feature, upgrade to the Enterprise subscription plan by contacting the Sales team.

Click on this link to contact sales.

The Sales team responds on a “best effort” basis rather than a contractual SLA, so they might take a little more time to respond than Support.

Also, it is recommended that a new ticket be created after the Enterprise subscription is provisioned in order to start configuring the SSO connection.