Dashboard in IE11

I can login dashboard (manage.auth0.com/dashboard) via the Chrome, But When I try login dashboard from IE 11 (Windows 7). IE just display the blank page. Anyone know how to login the dashboard in IE 11?

Hey there @Ixcom!

Can I ask you to record us a HAR file of the flow of typing in the website url and then accessing it so we can see what is happening behind the scenes?

This is the error messages in IE console

SCRIPT1002: Syntax Error
Filename: snc row: 3025,column: 38
Loading Extension Gallery v3.0.23

SCRIPT1002: Syntax Error
Filename: vendor.js,row: 1,column: 71568

And How to Generate a HAR file in IE11?

Note that IE11 isn’t officially supported anymore for the Dashboard, it was phased out in January this year (there was a notification in the dashboard around that time). Only Edge is supported.

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