Dashboard for an authenticated user with available applications


I want to build a dashboard (a starting page) for an authenticated user with all applications which are available for him.
I’m checking this endpoint, but it seems doesn’t provide information which I need: Auth0 Management API v2

Is it possible using Management API to get information about applications which user is authorized for (or even has some special permission)?

Hi @xtrmstep

What is the use case? Why build a dashboard for users?

Applications are not assigned to users so your current approach will not work and require some other mechanism.


Yep I just wanted to add that there is no straight out of the box mechanism for that and as Jeff mentioned it’s for sure not the endpoint to use. You will definitely need to combine a few things from our API, I’m quite sure somebody in the community already tried crafting similar things but good thing to start will be those endpoints:

  • /Roles/get_roles

  • /Roles/get_role_permission

  • /Roles/get_role_user

and then connect it with clients information that you can get with this endpoint:

  • /Clients/get_clients
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Just to share the idea behind having a dashboard.
Imagine you have several applications in the ecosystem. Different users might have or not have access to a certain application. I would like to have a single starting point for our users, where they can see available applications for them, a place where they would have ALL applications at one place.
You can think of a corporate portal ass a close analogue.

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