Customizing Google login error screen

(Please point me to the right place on the Google side if this is not an Auth0 issue.)

I have set up a Google OAuth 2.0 connection for use in a mobile app. The authentication is working well, only allowing login for users belonging to the organization registered on Google.

However, when a non-organization user is (correctly) rejected, I’m getting an ugly error screen by Google. It shows the raw contents of the error message, which don’t make much sense for the user. My question is, is it possible to customize/hide what is shown in this screen?

Thank you!

Hey @mggj,

The error page is being generated by Google and I would recommend contacting Google via Customer Care Support Options & Pricing | Google Workspace, as a quick search of the Google help docs didn’t show anything for customising anything other than a 404 page

Hope this helps!


Thanks for sharing that @andyck!

Thank you @andyck, it looks like I’ll have to ask Google as you recommend.

any follow up on this?

Hey there @johnsonchristianna9 !

I guess it will be useful to reach out to @mggj regarding that

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