Customize UI Page. "Login to devxxx"


I am using the universal login page and I really like it. I’d just like to customize the text at the beginning "Log in to dev-xxxx to continue to twitterspaces. ". I found something about text prompts and I also find the HTML on how to customise the page but I am not sure which block to edit.
To see an example go to and click on the login button.

Could you tell me how to change this button?
Thanks for your awesome product!


Hi @sandro ,

Thank you for posting this topic on the Auth0 Community!

This article explains the steps to customize the new UPL page.

To customize the text title on the Login page, I suggest you try the following:

  1. Retrieve the template with the following endpoint

    curl --request GET
    –url ‘https://YOUR_DOMAIN/api/v2/branding/templates/universal-login’
    –header ‘authorization: Bearer MGMT_API_ACCESS_TOKEN’

  2. This article indicates that key is pageTitle. Search for the “pageTitle” key in the template and make the change.

  3. set the new template with this endpoint:
    curl --request PUT
    –url ‘https://YOUR_DOMAIN/api/v2/branding/templates/universal-login’
    –header ‘authorization: Bearer MGMT_API_ACCESS_TOKEN’
    –header ‘content-type: text/html’
    –data ‘{%- auth0:head -%}{%- auth0:widget -%}’

Hope this is helpful!

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