Customize New Universal Login Pages > User variables no longer available for "reset-password" prompt/

Got following code in my new universal login template →

    {% if user.last_password_reset === undefined and === "reset-password" and === "reset-password" %} 
    <div> ...render set up initial pw flow </div>
    {% else %}
        {%- auth0:widget -%}
    {% endif %}

This code was working as expected last Friday. Today I logged in and for I don’t know what reason, I cannot obtain {{user}}

Do you have any ideas why it is not working but was before?

Should I assume {{user}} will be no longer avail for “reset-password” prompt/screen name (It is surfaced after user obtain change password email)?


Hi @wojciech , welcome to Auth0!

The user object is available for screens rendered after user complete the authentication, so not in case of the reset-password screen.

Hope this helps!

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