Custom text for accepting an organization's invitation

Hi, I want to set custom text for the prompt/screen that is shown when I call loginWithRedirect with an “organization” and “invitation” parameter.

I’ve looked through all the prompts/screens and I can’t find the appropriate one. The “invitation” screen didn’t match and edits that I made didn’t carry over.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the screen that is shown when a use accepts an organization invitation below. Is this screen supported for use with custom text?

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Hi, did you find a solution for this? I’m currently having the same issue


Is there any news for this?

I was stumped on this for a while too - had to dig a bit, but finally found it!

Use the signup-password prompt, then instead of using title and description, as one might expect, you have to scroll down a ways in the list of text fields, and use invitationTitle and invitationDescription instead.

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