Custom SignUp on SPA with automatic login

Hi folks,

I have a custom SignUp form, which has to be on (this is given due to SEO & UX etc)

The “SignUp” button does not actually access Auth0 API directly, but creates a ajax request to our API (there is some pre-processing that has to be done) which then, if pre-processing success, internally does request to Auth0 Application API to ( Our API acts partially like a proxy.

After both, the pre-processing and proxy request are successfully done, I need to redirect new user directly to app, without a login (to During the signup process, I have user’s email and password in memory, I can call some Auth0 Authorization API.

I did some research and there is quite a lot of posts about automatic login here, however none seems to be suitable for this situation.

Here @mathiasconradt sugests to use Resource Owner Password Grand. This grant returns a JWT in response. Indeed, I can proxy this JWT back to user’s broswer, and store it in memory, but after browser refresh the JWT is lost.

What may solve this is to get a redirect link from Auth0 with autorization token. Normally, login at redirects user to

Can I get from Auth0 this redirect link? Does this make a sense? What is the ‘Auth0 way’ for such situations?

Thanks a lot

Hi @luke1988,

Thanks for reaching out!

As you can probably surmise, there is no built in flow for auto login after a custom signup. The resources you linked are where I would point you in this case. We would love to hear your feedback, as this is something we have seen requested in the past.


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