Custom Registration Angular

Is it possible to detect if a user is accessing our single page app (angular) for the first time and presenting a custom login screen that only shows the “Sign Up” option and not the “Login” option?

Hey there!

Could you provide us with aa step by step scenario of what you want to achieve so we can propose the best solution? Thank you!

So we would only like our users to be able to sign up by using out mobile app instead of our web app (angular). So the steps are:

  1. Our web app display a login page with a link to for Login/Register
  2. User clicks link and is presented with a page that only displays the Sign-up screen
  3. On the sign up screen we want to show a link to download our app to enroll, but also
    show a link saying something like “Already have and account, click here to login”

Got it! Let me think through it and offer some kind of solution using our stack!

Hey there!

Want to ask you one more thing are you doing this flow in Auth0 Hosted Page?

To find if a user has got an account in auth0, you can use Auth0 Management API endpoint:!/Users_By_Email/get_users_by_email

If it returns nothing , then there is no user.

Yes, I’m doing it from an Auth0 Hosted Page. Thanks for the info. I will check it out.

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