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Custom parameters to RefreshTokenAsync request (OIDC)



Is there possibility to add custom parameters to refresh token requests from Xamarin?

I have used to use Auth0 together with the Rule which connects to Azure MS SQL database to check whether Android app user have valid license to use app. My SQL connection use certain parameters to check the license validity. Those parameters are easily provided while login via Google in initial phase, but now I cannot figure out how to provide the same parameters when refreshing tokens (checking the licence validity later silently).

With native Android app, I forced user to login once with Google and then later when app were started just check the validity of “licence” so that user does not even notice it. However, now with OIDC and Xamarin Android it seems to be impossible to use same method.

Can somebody help how this case should be sorted out. It seems that Xamarin tutorials are still a bit stub and this kind of scenarios is not considered properly.

Or if it seems that I’m somehow misunderstand some crucial point, please point out that as well.