Custom organization picker in Blazor WASM

Hi guys,

Let’s say we have 3 components

  • API
  • Blazor WASM client
  • Auth0

I want to create a following scenario:

  1. user comes to our website and is redirected to auth0 for auth
  2. after logging in, he is redirected back to our website
  3. Api checks what organizations does the user belong to and passes that information to client
  4. Client shows a list of organizations. User will then be able to select one of them
  5. He logs into specific organization

Current problems :

  1. first time user logs in the org_id is not part of the token
  2. When I create a login link for specific organization it will not login the user again because he is already logged in
  3. When making requests to API (except the retrieval of user’s organizations), API requires it to have the org_id claim

Can someone please help me out ? :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Can someone please help me guys I a