Custom forgot password form + Add redirect_uri to change-password flow

I am using custom auth forms.

The existing change-password flow requires the user to interact with 3 pages, the email, the change password form, then hop back to the login page on the website.

Feature Request 1

I would like to create a forgot password form, where the forgot password email redirects to a provided redirect_uri prop along with credentials to perform a POST${user_id}

Feature Request 2

For the existing change-password flow please add a redirect_uri prop to redirect the browser after a successful password change.

Thank you!

Hey there!

Thank you for creating this feedback card! Make sure to upvote it so that it gets as many votes as possible. We review those feedback cards on a monthly basis and will let you know once we have more updates on that front!

Thank you. I’m trying an alternate solution, which is to run the user through the email auth with a redirect_uri to the reset password page. Now the issue I have is finding the connection value. The only api endpoint that I could find in the docs is /tokeninfo which is deprecated & no longer provided to new accounts.

Is there another way to find the connection value from the token? Would /userinfo provide a way to determite the connection?