Custom fields with wordpress?


I wanted to contact the sales but the contact form doesn’t work…

We’re using wordpress with the plugin restrict content pro, and we’d like to know if your solution is compatible with our situation and we’d also know if we can add custom fields?

Thank you

:wave: @sliti.mahmoud I apologize for the sales contact form. We have our team currently working on fixing that.

For our WordPress plugin, you can define additionalSignUpFields as JSON (either through the plugin or Lock configuration). What kind of custom fields are you looking to implement? I am not familiar with the restrict content pro plugin, but I can look into it’s compatibility with Auth0.

Thank you for your reply. the custom fields can be text, checkbox, option list. Would you please see if it’s compatble to use it with restrict content?

Hi @sliti.mahmoud

Our WordPress plugin tries to stay out of the way of the rest of how WordPress works. You register and login through our login form then, after that, the rest is handled by core WordPress functions and hooks. We have not tested it specifically with Restrict Content Pro but I don’t see why it wouldn’t play along nicely. If it doesn’t, we’re happy to work with you to get support in there, either through additional hooks or adhering to any core processes we missed.

As for custom fields, I assume you mean fields on the registration form? Like @kimcodes mentioned, you can add metadata fields to the signup form using JSON (more information here) and that will save to Auth0 as user_metadata. Back in WordPress, that can be accessed using the wp_auth0_obj usermeta.

One of the big improvements we’re planning now is better syncing between Auth0 and WordPress (including signup fields) but that’s a few releases away.

Hope that helps!

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I have added additionalSignUpFields in the wordpress plugin(in the advance section of plugin settings), but it is not reflecting in the auth0 popup, I need to add first name and last name in our signup form. Kindly someone help me out, ASAP.
Thanks in advance

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