Custom Domain with Cloudfront Reverse Proxy "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED"


After following the steps in Configure AWS CloudFront as Reverse Proxy to configure a Custom Domain with Self-Managed Certificates with Cloudfront as the reverse proxy, the domain has been verified, but is now getting the following error when attempting to use the domain in a login flow:


This article describes how to troubleshoot this issue.


As per step 8 in this Configure AWS CloudFront as Reverse Proxy, Cloudfront will provide a Domain Name that will be applied to a customer’s DNS as a new CNAME record. The Domain Name will look something like this:

When adding this record to one’s DNS, pay careful attention that the value is copied exactly. Depending on the DNS provider, an additional 'https://'; may be added by default to the Domain Name (for example, '’;), which will cause the Custom Domain to not function and produce the error mentioned.


Edit the DNS entry to confirm the Domain Name is exactly what was provided by Cloudfront.