Custom domain: overrides not working


We set up a custom domain for our site to use, and followed all steps, and added the extra configuration as explained in

The redirection works fine, but when we try to login, we get a 404, and looking at the request header payload, it seems the tenant is not overrode. What is the reason about this?

    return new auth0.WebAuth({
      audience: environment.AUTH0_AUDIENCE,  
      clientID: environment.AUTH0_CLIENT_ID,
      domain: environment.AUTH0_DOMAIN,
      overrides: {
          __tenant: environment.AUTH0_TENANT,
          __token_issuer: environment.AUTH0_DOMAIN

FYI: we are using this in our Angular app.

Since the overrides did not work, we simply changed the name of our custom (sub)domain equal to the name of tenant we have.

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Perfect! Glad you eventually have iit working

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