Custom Database Migrating Users That already have a MFA OTP secret


We are currently testing the custom database on our application and are encountering issues with MFA. Some of our users already have MFA registered, and we would like to continue using the same MFA instead of asking them to set up a new one.

How can we achieve this? We have tried various methods to pass the mfa_factors field as mentioned in the documentation, but it does not seem to save any MFA-related information for our users.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hello, @silas.frigo netbenefits

Certainly! To continue using the same MFA for users who already have it registered, consider the following steps:

Custom Database (Auth): When migrating users with existing MFA OTP secrets, follow the guidance in the Auth Community.
Azure AD B2C: If using Azure AD B2C, allow multiple user-selectable MFA registration methods.
Graph API (Microsoft): For specific users, enable MFA by setting a custom attribute (e.g., ‘isMFAenabled’) to true.
Remember to adapt these steps to your specific setup. Good luck!

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Hi @Victoria476Huff what do you mean by Auth0 Community1?

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Sorry for inconvinance it’s typing mistek.

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Hi Victoria!

I’m having the same issue. Could you send me the guidance you mentioned, please?