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Custom authentication page without any dependencies.



So, im trying to make a custom authentication page for my Electron app. It should authenticate against Auth0. But now comes my problem: When i use Auth0.js, i get a “Origin header required.” error. So i decided to try and make the login page work without Auth0.js. But im having a hard time: I cant find any API endpoint that will let me pass a username or an email and a password to Auth0 and get a JWT/ID Token back. I dont want to use Lock or the hosted authentication page as i need to follow strict UI guidelines. I also have a social auth provider set up, and i need a way to authenticate with it, again using a custom login page. I know that social providers need a custom page, and i can tolerate that. Any solutions to this? Does someone know of those API endpoints or how i could fix Auth0.js?


I also hav the same query mine was react app. do you have any update over it.