Cross domain/platform auth app SPA + Website Builder

Hi, we have a react SPA app + web API configured atm with auth0 universal login.
We actually want to move our landing page (the one with login/sign up buttons) out from our react app to a site builder like webflow/framer. So that landing would be and then actual web app after user auth would be

What steps we should take to make this work? Is this actually possible of auth0? Are we going to lose any features? Or introduce any user overhead?

To move your landing page to a site builder like Webflow or Framer while keeping the authentication functionality with Auth0, you can follow these steps:

  1. Set up your landing page in Webflow or Framer and publish it as
  2. Create a separate React app for the authentication and the main web app, which will be hosted at
  3. Configure Auth0 in the React app for authentication, utilizing the Auth0 Next.js SDK.
  4. Update the Auth0 configuration to allow the new app domain as a valid callback URL for authentication.
  5. Implement the necessary Auth0 components and APIs in the React app for user authentication, such as login, sign up, and user profile management.
  6. Test the authentication flow to ensure that users can sign up and log in successfully and that all features are working as intended.
  7. Update any necessary links and routing in your landing page to redirect users to the new app domain ( for authentication and access to the main web app.

By following these steps, you should be able to move your landing page to a site builder while still retaining the authentication functionality provided by Auth0.