Creating user with password via Management API

When I create a new user via the Management API, do I pass the password as a clear string or do I need to pre-encrypt it? ( bcrypt() ? )

I’ve assumed that it gets encrypted/hashed by the API…


$newUser = $management->users()->create(“Username-Password-Authentication”, [ “email” => “”, “password” => “somepassword”, “email_verified” => true ] );

Hi @FuturShoc

Cleartext string. The doc doesn’t explicitly state this, sorry.


Thank you! I’ve been trying that, but I suspect my test password doesn’t meet the complexity requirements…

That should not matter - the password complexity rules are not checked in the mgmt API.


Are you sure about that?

Interesting! I did not know that.

If you are using a lazy migration custom DB, the password rules are not enforced. That is what I was thinking of.

Did you get it working with a sufficiently strong password?


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Yes, that appears to do the trick. I was able to create a new user via the Management API (programmatically) and was able to log in with it. Thanks for your help.

Excellent. I talked to a few experts yesterday, it turns out that the password strength rules are enforced almost everywhere EXCEPT the lazy migration case.


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