CreateAsync call - prevent sending email

I am using the management API and am having a bit of trouble: I want to create a user, but it seems like this code is sending a password reset invitation:

      var management = new ManagementApiClient(token, _auth0Uri.Host, _managementConnectionService);

            var request = new UserCreateRequest
                Email = nppUser.Email,
                FirstName = nppUser.FirstName,
                LastName = nppUser.LastName,        
                Password = Guid.NewGuid().ToString(),
                Connection = ConnectionName,

According to this and this I can set VerifyEmail to false and it should not send an email, but it is anyways. I’ve also tried EmailVerified=false and it yields the same result. I am doing this because I need to customize the invitation process, and showing “Reset Password” isn’t exactly the most thoughtful invitation (and I still want to use the reset password email for actual email resets). Thanks.

Hey there!

Can you raise it as a GitHub issue in our .NET repo here:

so we can address that directly with the tool maintainers? Once you have a link to it share it here so we can ping them. Thank you!

Hi Konrad,

This is done - the issue is here: CreateAsync - cannot prevent email from being sent · Issue #535 · auth0/ · GitHub


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Perfect! Let me ping them in a moment!

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