CORS Error when trying to POST to /continue


When my user logs in and is a new user I am checking his login count in a specific rule and then redirecting the user to a /onboard page in my application.

This redirect is going well and my onboarding page is shown.

Post gathering the data in the onboarding page I am trying to make a post to https:///continue?state=ORIGINAL_STATE

This is failing with a CORS error saying that http://localhost:8080 is not allowed.

Do I need to do anything specific to allow this - I have already made the http://localhost:8080 addition in both Allowed WebOrigin and Allowed CORS in my tenant on Auth0.


Hi @raghucs ,

I think this may be the way you are carrying out the POST request, the /continue endpoint is expecting a browser redirect and not an AJAX request (e.g. a XMLHttpRequest), which doesn’t support CORS.

This other community thread and the Github repo linked there may be of some help to you too:

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