Cors error sending password reset post request

Authentication already works in my app so i can login/logout. I am trying to add reset password functionality to my app and have problem triggering reset password email.

I am following instructions from Change Users' Passwords.
I am trying to make request to the Authentication API from browser.
I added url(localhost) to Allowed Web Origins but still get cors error.

public static passwordReset(email: string): Promise<any> {
        let options: any = {
            method: 'POST',
            url: '',
            headers: { 'content-type': 'application/json' },
            body: {
                client_id: 'myclientId',
                email: '',
                connection: 'Username-Password-Authentication'
            json: true
        return fetch(

can You help me with this?

Hi there @tomasz.szyszko, It’s interesting you are running into this issue after adding the route to the Allowed Web Origins. When you get a chance can you send me in a direct message your tenant name so I can take a closer look at what may be going on? Thanks in advance!

I found solution already,
body inside options needs to be JSON.stringified for request to be correct.
Error text was misleading but I managed to solve it.
Thank You, This topic can be closed

I’m glad it all worked out! Please let us know in the future if we can be of assistance, thanks!

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