Correlation failed - Cookie not found

So my application has been using Auth0 for quite sometime now, everything was working fine for the past year until this week. now i’m getting a status 500 and a Correlation failed - Cookie not found bug on both my dev and staging environment, after writing the login credentials and then being proceeded to /callback . The production however has been working just fine but for some strange reason my other environments have been crashing. Locally I can’t recreate this bug on my computer, everything seems to work fine and I can easily login without any problems even when using chrome. Both dev and staging environments are working just fine on Safari but not on chromium based web-browsers such as (Brave, Opera and Chrome).

I’m also aware of that Google changed their handling of cookies but that doesn’t explain why my production is still up and running (even though I haven’t deployed for a month), my dev and staging are crashing and my local computer is working. As you can see debugging this is hard when every environment are giving me different responses…

Does anyone have any ideas of how I could fix this problem?