I’m running into an issue with CORDOVA and building for iOS. I initially had a build that works fine in simulator, login and logout worked fine. I was using the quick start Cordova sample.
Once I sent the build to Apple for review it was flagged for using UIWebView. I went back to the original quick start file and used the most current versions of InAppBrowser and safariviewcontroller which should be using wkwebview. Wkwebview is built into the newest version of Cordova.

The issue I’m running into is the login screen loads, I can put in my credentials. It goes to the next screen but then jumps back to the login.

When I look in the AUTH0 logs it shows the error " Type Failed by CORS"
“description”: “Origin null is not allowed. Behavior used for check: LEGACY”,

It also shows “origin”: “null”, in the context data.

“user_agent”: “Mobile Safari UI/WKWebView 14.1.0 / iOS 14.1.0”,
“details”: {
“xhr”: false,
“method”: “OPTIONS”,
“origin”: “null”,

I’m a bit stumped has anyone run into this or any suggestions of how to correct it?
This app is complete outside of this issue.

If anyone else runs into this issue… I think this solution will work.
The quick start Cordova sample now functions with this plugin added.


Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!

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