Cookies description


In order to complete the cookies policy for our website, we need to describe the goal of each cookie added to the session. We are using the universal login and authorization and these are the cookies we see:

  • _hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress
  • _hp2_id.1279799279
  • notice_preferences
  • notice_gdpr_prefs
  • optimizelyEndUserId
  • _gcl_au
  • _hjid
  • OptanonConsent
  • h2_sess_props.1279799279
  • _ga
  • auth0
  • ga_Rollup_gid
  • ajs_anonymous_id
  • __cfduid
  • did_compat
  • auth0_compat
  • OptanonAlertBoxClosed
  • ga_Rollup
  • _gid
  • did

Some of them are included and categorized in your cookie policy page, but not described.

I’ve been searching over this forum without luck. Can you help me here, please?


Hi @danilopezalarcon,

Welcome to the Community!

Which ones are you not finding? It looks like most of them are covered in the link you posted.

Defined here:

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